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About Us


Alice Comtois, Roland & Lyn LaCharite, Stephen, Stephanie & Brooklyn Gerry

Matt, Amy & Jordyn St. Laurent


Hank's Restaurant carries a rich history. Prior to the establishment of Hank's, the Comtois family owned Times Square in Danielson from 1960 to 1968 and The Meadow Steak House in South Killingly from 1968 to 1970. In 1971 Hank and Alice, the determined duo, transformed the existing lounge (Twin B’s) into Hank's Restaurant, initially a local hot spot bar offering a modest menu. Hank, a fixture behind the bar, and Alice, showcasing her culinary prowess in the kitchen, along with a humble staff, laid the foundation for what would become an adored establishment. The 1970s marked the era of the 'Hanky Panky Room,' resonating with a local, casual charm complete with shuffleboard and an inviting atmosphere. As Hank's popularity surged, expansions and enhancements transformed the landscape, elevating the lounge area, expanding the kitchen, and introducing two additional dining rooms. Not only were they known for the best fish and chips around, but Hank's fostered a vibrant community spirit not to be outdone by their very competitive bowling team.

Roland and Lyn LaCharite, the dynamic second-generation proprietors, assumed the reins of this cherished establishment in 1982. Stepping into the footsteps of Lyn's esteemed parents, Hank and Alice Comtois, they embraced the legacy while infusing their unique vision and dedication into the heart of the business. While Lyn has managed the front of the house and engaged in community activities, Roland, is truly the unsung hero. Roland has been the backbone behind the scenes, diligently trained by Alice and carrying forth her recipes, while also managing the kitchen. Over their tenure, Roland and Lyn have skillfully honored tradition while evolving the restaurant, ensuring its enduring place as a favorite cornerstone of the community.


Matt and Amy's journey intertwines deeply with the fabric of Hank's Restaurant, marking the very place where their story began back in 2001. Fate drew them together within Hank's walls - Matt in the kitchen, while Amy, for over 20 years, has charmed patrons from behind the bar. It was here, within these familiar surroundings, that their romance blossomed, culminating in their first date at Hank's. Fast forward 22 years, with 15 of those spent in a beautiful marriage, their shared history resonates not only within these restaurant walls but also in their joint pursuit of local entrepreneurship. Matt brings his expertise as the owner of Eastern CT Home Improvement, while Amy flourishes in her role as a realtor with Byrnes Real Estate. Their commitment to their craft and community is palpable, and as parents to their daughter Jordyn, a senior at Woodstock Academy, their deep ties to the local area continue to flourish, underlining their dedication to the prosperity of the region they proudly call home.

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